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Auto glass Sealing and Filling Machine For Mineral Water

With Auto Level Sensor, (No ML Setting Required Manually) Fills Plastic Glass of 50ml, 100ml, 200ml etc. Even in mixed Order Alum. Foil Sealer is Provided with Filler With Auto Glass Sensors A two in one job. Suitable For Liquid's Like Drinking water Sarbat etc.

Size 18" x 12" x 18"
Structure C.I.Cast
Body Stainless Steel
Dish Die Aluminum Cast
Production Meter Digital Counter Meter
Heater Size 4" Aluminum Plate
Heater 100 W.
Operating Volt 240 V.
Solenoid 1/4" Air Mack.
Water Level Sensor With auto level Sensor [No M. L. Setting Required Manually]
Sealing Material Aluminum Foil and Blister Foil.
Capacity of Production 2 Sec. Sealing Time 2 Sec. Filling time Per Piece. Other Depends on your ml.
Weight Approximate - 20 kg
We are having Designing Machine as per your Requirement. with Glass Counting Meter.
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